Sai Spiritual Education

“End of Education is Character” – Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Welcome to the new SSE Year 2022-23!


SSCC, 70 Golfview Dr., Northlake IL 60164

*In-person classes/center are resuming at Sai Spiritual Community Center.*

SSE Timings

  • 09:15 AM – 09:30 AM: SSE Hall Set-up – In-Person
  • 09:30 AM – 09:45 AM: SSE Prayers & Announcements – In-Person
  • 09:45 AM – 10:45 AM: Experience Sharing in Main Session – In-Person
  • 10:45 AM – 10:55 AM: Snack Period – In-Person
  • 11:00 AM: SSE joins Main Session – In-Person

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Why Sai Spiritual Education?

To facilitate the understanding in the children, that when they live in accordance with the 5 human values, in every thought, word and deed, they will live a truly meaningful life.

Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) classes are provided at the Center for children from ages 6 to 17.

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Objective of Sai Spiritual Education

“To instill in the minds of the young the values of prayer, humility, and loving service to others, the homes have to be the first schools. The parents have to be imbued with faith in the basic universal truth of all religions.

They must be seen worshiping at the family altar, meditating in silence, forgiving faults in others, and showing sympathy for pain and grief.

Children should not see them worried, helpless, discontent, or distressed, as if they have no God to lean upon, no inner resource of strength and courage to fall back on.”

–SS 5:335; Meeting of Headmasters, 3-4-67

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What will the Children learn?

  • About the life & teachings of  ‘Sri Sathya Sai Baba’
  • To render selfless service to others
  • To appreciate the unity of the different faiths
  • To practice placing a ceiling on their desires
  • To respect parents/elders
  • Proper discharge of duties at home/school
  • To Be loyal and take pride in their country
  • To Develop a good character

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Swami on Human Values

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Universal Prayer

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SSE Thought for the Quarter

“The student seeking spiritual knowledge (vidya) must possess kindness, compassion, and love toward all living beings.

– Vidya Vahini – Discourse 16

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SSE Theme: “Hands for Humanity”

Quarter Goals

Quarter 1: Compassion (Sept. – Nov.)

Quarter 2: Service (Dec. – Feb.)

Quarter 3: Responsibility (Mar. – May)

*2022-23 SSE Registration is open, please contact the E.C. for questions.*

Click here to register for the SSE Year 2022-2023.

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SSE Calendar

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Craft Activities

“One with Gayathri” Workshop craft activity by Jan Di Girolamo

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Your Reflections

Region 5 SSE Magazine: Sai Blossoms

Students, Parents, and Gurus can ALL share their experiences, thoughts, prayers, artwork, and many more for the Sai Community. Take a look at the latest issue to get inspiration! Link button is below.

Quarter 3 Submission Due Date: TBD

Topic: TBD

Please email Sis. Sailaja with your entries (

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SSE Service Activities

  • Berkeley Nursing Home – suspended until further notice
  • Christmas Carols at Symphony Nursing home – suspended until further notice
  • FMSC to commemorate Birthday and Aaradhana Mahotsavam – suspended until further notice
  • Christmas toy drive for Port Ministries
  • Gently Used Crayons Drive for Region 5 Retreat 2022
  • Gently Used T-shirts for Dog Toy Drive – Region 5 Retreat 2022

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SSE Resources

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